Bizarre Fish with Huge Jaws and Sharp Teeth Spotted in Singapore


Marine researchers are baffled by the mysteries behind a strange fish found dead off the coast of Singapore. The body of a strange fish was found on the shores of a dam in Singapore. At first glance it was mistaken for a crocodile but later it was identified as a fish.

The body was washed ashore. At first glance it looks like a fish with long sharp jaws and strong teeth. Subsequent tests revealed that it was a species of fish known as an alligator gar. However, this species is found only in South America.

Researchers are wondering how the fish got to Singapore, more than 160 km from there.

Visitors to the dam were the first to see the remains of fish stranded on the shore. One of the visitors, Karen Litgo, said that at first it was thought to be a prehistoric creature. The fish's mouth was open. So they made it clear that they could not identify it as a fish.

The toxins in their eggs are harmful to humans. Alligator gars are experts in hunting and capturing other animals. Observers have speculated that the fish may have been bought at home before it reached maturity and then released into the dam when it could not be housed at maturity. Since these are inherently aggressive, the assessment is that releasing them without proper supervision will harm the ecological balance itself.

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