Carmakers could face a shortage of chips until 2023

The problem of a lack of car chips will not be solved just like that. For example, according to Daimler, manufacturers will face it for at least the next two years.

The automotive industry could face a shortage of chips for car production as early as 2023, but supply difficulties could subside by then. This was stated by the head of the German automobile concern Daimler, Ola Källenius, during a meeting with journalists in front of the Munich Motor Show.

Chips are becoming an increasingly important part of cars and their lack now limits the production of the automotive industry worldwide, including in the Czech Republic.

Supplying chips during the covid-19 pandemic disrupted supply chain outages. In addition, demand for chips is increasing and automakers have to compete for supplies with consumer electronics manufacturers, Reuters reported.

Källenius said, some chip suppliers point to structural problems with demand. This could affect 2022, and in 2023 the situation could be a little calmer.

According to Tanjeff Schadt of the consulting company PwC, the problems with the supply of chips cannot be expected to be solved in the near future, as the construction of new chip factories takes many years.

Škoda Auto is also struggling with a lack of chips. Last month, the magazine Škodovácký odborář stated that the Mladá Boleslav carmaker continues to cancel part of the shifts due to missing chips that are used in on-board electronics. According to unions, problems can be expected in the autumn.

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