Discover the new features by holding down the WhatsApp icon


The messaging service continues to have internal tools that many users do not know and that are not announced by Facebook, the owner of the App.

WhatsApp in its latest updates delivered two new tools that are just being discovered, and that allows you to type faster in two modes. It is used for iOS and Android. The tools are two shortcuts to three contacts, which are the last ones with whom you spoke (it does not matter if they are individual or group) and the other is to send an image or take a photograph through the same App.

WhatsApp tools

These two WhatsApp tools presented above are quite useful and easy to apply with the tutorial that we will teach you.

  • Press and hold the WhatsApp icon, at which point "delete" the camera and the last three contacts the user spoke with will appear.

  • When the contacts or group appear, press one of them and enter to speak directly.

  • By pressing on the camera, the user will be able to take a photo or send an image to the contact or group they deem appropriate.

With this little but simple trick, you can take advantage of WhatsApp in a better way.

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