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Do you want to extend the battery life of Windows 10 laptop? Here are these methods


You can consume the battery of your Windows 10 laptop through several practices that you can follow.

Here are 6 ways to help you extend the battery life of your Windows 10 laptop:

Adjust screen brightness to extend Windows 10 computer battery life:

The brightness of the laptop screen consumes a lot of battery power, and although the full brightness of the screen usually may be desirable for many when viewing the content or design, this matter may greatly affect the battery life, so if you adjust the screen brightness by up to 50 - 70 % This will help extend the battery life of your Windows 10 computer, so the dimmer the screen, the longer you use it.

Change the power settings:

Windows 10 allows you to change laptop battery settings, and to do so, follow these steps:

Click the battery icon on the bottom right of the computer screen.

In the pop-up window that appears, click on the option (battery settings) Battery Settings.

In the settings screen, toggle the button under Battery saver to On.

Turn off the Wi-Fi connection:

If you finish your work that requires an Internet connection, turn off the Wi-Fi connection directly, as the continuation of the Wi-Fi connection will lead to the consumption of the laptop battery by drawing power from the battery to search to strengthen the Internet connection, and remember never turn off The computer is in sleep mode because it is draining the battery.

Disconnect the peripheral devices connected to the Windows 10 computer:

Connecting other peripheral devices, such as a mouse or web camera, can drain the battery life of your Windows 10 laptop because it draws its power from the battery itself. In addition, set the audio system or speakers that connect to the computer to mute if you do not need them. This is to prevent the laptop from making sounds when receiving notifications, and in general, whenever you connect peripheral devices, the more damage to the battery is.

Purchase an additional battery:

One of the best practical solutions, especially if you are using the laptop in an environment where there is no electrical power or unstable, where you can replace the current battery after its consumption directly with the previously charged backup battery to continue your work without worrying about the computer suddenly stopping.

Do not charge the laptop battery around the clock:

Another reason for the continued consumption of the Windows 10 laptop's battery is that it is constantly charging it seven days a week, which leads to shortening its life and then its rapid consumption of energy, and the solution is to charge it if it is less than 20%, and better yet, charge the computer battery after you finish your work Or if the battery is just low.

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