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Facebook introduces new filters for video calls on Instagram and Messenger


Facebook announced that it is scheduled to add support for filters based on augmented reality technology AR during video calls soon, as the company announced in the virtual F8 developer conference that the company will add this feature for both Instagram and Messenger.

These apps have long offered support for AR effects, but the option to use them for a multiplayer setup during a live game or chat will be new. At F8, the company said it would allow creators to build effects that deliver a coordinated experience across multiple call participants.

And Facebook explains, for example, filters can be designed to provide a shared sense of space, such as a hangout in space or around a campfire. Another announcement from the company was regarding opening the Messenger API for Instagram to all developers, as this has been in beta testing since October with a hand-picked selection of companies of all sizes and developers, and now, however, it is being rolled out globally.

Through these APIs, Facebook will make it easier for businesses to communicate with their customers through a common channel, and at the F8 Developer Conference, Facebook also announced a new feature Sign in Connect with Messenger which will allow people to sign up to connect with a business through Messenger. Platform with your Facebook login details.

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