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Facebook reveals its plans to prevent further data leakage


The Facebook social networking company tried to explain in its post how it plans to combat the hacking of user accounts, as the Facebook platform led by Mark Zuckerberg faced a lot of criticism recently for being unable to confront about 533 million user accounts that were leaked on the Internet, and not for the first time.

Facebook tried to provide a kind of reassurance to users through the post, as the company said it has a dedicated external data misuse (EDM) team of more than 100 people that includes analysts, engineers, and data scientists working to discover, block and deter bulldozing and data gathering.

The company said, since collection tools mimic the ways in which people legitimately use our products, we will never be able to completely block all collection operations without compromising people's ability to use our apps and websites in the way they enjoy, and this means that we must try to strike the right balance. A variety of methods are used to treat dredging.

After that, Facebook says that it aims to make it difficult for hacker tools to obtain data from our services in the first place and difficult to utilize if they do so. Facebook explained that to make it more difficult for data collection tools, it plans to employ price limits. And data boundaries, which is only the first layer of protection.

The company said, the price determines the number of times a person can interact with our products in a certain period of time, while data restrictions prevent people from obtaining more data than they need to use our products normally. Regardless of the price limits, the company claims to have More weapons are in her supposed arsenal, which she said she would not disclose for fear of giving a roadmap to the skimmers.

But it said it would look for patterns in activity and behavior typically associated with computer activity and turn it off, and the company also said its EDM team was still looking for suspected skimmers.

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