Facebook's Sparked dating app gets new features


The giant Facebook in the field of social networking introduced an online dating application in April of this year, as the application was developed by the internal NPE team at Facebook, and for those unaware, NPE applications are supposed to be experiences of products New, which means it is subject to change.

The Facebook dating app is not very popular at the moment, but the company is adding some new features to make virtual dating more useful. Labeled Dating - Sparked.

Recent updates provide support for voice histories on the app, this feature will enable users to start a voice chat with someone they match, and when a user tries to start a call with someone, the other person will receive an invite. Users from both parties can start a chat after accepting the invitation.

Besides that, Facebook also allows users to set up two additional places in Facebook Dating, where they want to search for matches, while the Match Anywhere feature aims to make it easier for users to match with people who are temporarily staying or working in a different location.

Aside from these two features, Facebook also offers a feature called Lucky Pick, and according to Facebook, the new feature allows users to consider other compatible candidates who may be outside their typical preferences.

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