Five recommendations for creating videos for social networks

Currently, more than 70% of the content that circulates on the internet and on social networks comes from the YouTube platform. It is there where thousands of people upload their videos, and some of them add followers by becoming more and more famous.

Those who succeed in social networks and become YouTubers or influencers not only have special charisma and an attractive personality but also spend time making quality and entertaining videos. Although they can start by making simple videos, more and more they are perfecting their content.

The truth is that making videos is not simply a summation of images or doing something beautiful and fun with our cell phone camera. It is about generating really qualified content, using at least one video editor with which a more or less professional product can be achieved.

If you want to make your own videos for networks, here are some recommendations.

Develop your main idea

It is important to have the main idea before starting so that the work is more organized. You can start by writing a script so that everything is noted and can be done step by step. This script can carry dialogue or describe in a few lines what is going to happen in each scene or what is going to be shown in the video. It is about having the main idea so as not to run off-axis and always keep the objective in mind.

Invest in your production

Producing a video means getting all the necessary elements and materials that will appear in it. For example, they can be changing rooms or decorative objects, and even the lights that will illuminate the images. All that must be thought out and ready for the time of recording. Ideally, make a list of items and check them as they are achieved, so as not to forget absolutely nothing.

Attention with the recording

All scenes must be correctly recorded, in the same quality, and with the same resolution. In addition, you have to be careful that the recorded scenes continue and coincide with each other. When filming it is important to do it in a calm way, without making sudden camera movements or having too much noise. For everything to go well, it is recommended to carry out different filming practices, to be safer when filming the material to be used.

Do a good edit

The moment of post-production is key in all audiovisual production. A video editor, as simple as it may be, requires a bit of practice and inspection before using it, although there are some very easy and intuitive to use.

Transitions between captured images, music, and effects can do great things in a video. It is what will finish giving the final touch, and will give intention to the video. That is why it is important to explore all the options that editors offer us, and choose the one that best suits your style. The same happens with music, audio, and sounds. It is always important to choose them according to the emotion we want to convey.

Share your post

When the video is finished, it will be ready to be published on the networks. It is good to know in advance which platform we want to use to share it since not all have the same dynamics nor do they require the same formats.

Undoubtedly, a video can be very effective in gaining more followers, as long as it is a quality video that is attractive to the public.

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