Follow these steps to fix MacBook's Touch Bar


You don't need to install any external app to fix the Touch Bar, you can fix it via the built-in command interface. To be able to repair, follow these steps:

Go to the command interface by finding it in the application library, or searching for it using the Command, Space, and Terminal buttons.

When you get to the command interface, type the following commands:

  • sudo pkill TouchBarServer

  • sudo killall ControlStrip

You can copy the two commands together or write them separately, and then press enter. Then the system asks you to enter the password for the manager's account, enter it and press the enter button again.

These commands restart everything related to the Touch Bar, so it's normal to find the icons disappear from it all of a sudden. However, the tape returns to work immediately afterward, and you can repeat this process each time the tape stops.

Uses of the Touch Bar

Many MacBook Pro users complain about the Touch Bar, and find it unhelpful and not offering anything new to computers. But the Touch Bar offers you a bunch of different uses that can completely change the way you use your computer. The Touch Bar displays all the emojis you can use with messages and allows you to select them with the tap of a button.

You can also choose from a selection of photos you've recently taken via the Touch Bar as well, via the Photos app on Mac. The touch bar shows you a set of pictures in the folder in a thumbnail inside it, and you can move between them by touching the picture you want in the bar.

Taskbar on MacBook

You can also move in the timeline within the editing applications or even in the video that you are playing on your computer. And it allows you to switch between open web pages via the Safari application and choose between them from the touch bar without the need to use the touchpad or keyboard. It displays all the calculations that you can do directly without the need to press any additional button.

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