For Snapchat users, what does Snapchat streak mean?


There are many ways in which you can monitor how well your posts are performing on social media, your followers can click on Instagram, and send multiple reactions to your stories, while on Twitter you can see the number of likes and tweets, but in Snapchat, It's all about a feature known as a Snapchat streak. But what exactly is a Snapchat streak, and why is it so important to Snapchat users.

What is Snapchat's streak?

A Snapchat streak is when you send Live Snaps back and forth with a friend for a number of consecutive days, every day you send a Snap to a friend, your streaks increase, and Snapchat will reward longer streaks with emojis - 100 emojis are used to mark 100-day streaks, while streaks are given The mountain is an exceptionally long chain, and you can see the length of your chain next to the name of a contact on the Snapchat app.

The chain symbolizes a small image of the flame and the number of days that the chains have passed, which only you and your friend in the chain can see.

Snapchat threads have become the primary means of measuring success on Snapchat, with only the number of followers (or subscribers) being publicly visible as of November 2020.

The app is largely used by a younger audience, with more than half of Snapchat users in the UK aged 15-25 in 2020, while in the US more than 50% of users are under 25.


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