For the fourth time, the explosion of a SpaceX space rocket


The fourth consecutive attempt that ends in this way, an unmanned prototype of the giant Starship space missile developed by the American SpaceX company exploded, Tuesday, which the company seeks to use to send astronauts to Mars in the future.

Live broadcast footage of the launch, which is being developed by the company owned by the billionaire Elon Musk, showed its launch from Boca Chica in Florida and then stopped broadcasting after about five minutes.

The SN11 missile was launched on a test flight of 10 kilometers, but shortly before landing, an explosion occurred on board, and the company is currently seeking to find out the reasons for its occurrence.

Engineer John Innsbrucker said, looks like we've lost all the data on the vehicle, we'll have to find out what happened to the team.

The broadcast showed dense fog that made it difficult to see the landing of the missile, and debris was found about eight kilometers from its landing site. Another prototype exploded early this month within minutes of take-off, after two test flights that ended with the two missiles exploding while trying to land as they failed in both attempts to slow down and hit the ground in a huge flame ball.

Starship is one of a series of prototypes of the heavy rocket that the space company has developed to transport people and about 100 tons of cargo on future missions to the moon and Mars


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