Fortnite Season 6 Features Neymar, Lara Croft, & Raven Skins


A new season means a new Battle Pass for Fortnite, as players can expect to earn Lara Croft, Raven, and Neymar Jr. skins. The new season began March 16 with a new cinematic that saw all of the skins released in season 5 battling each other in an Endgame level battle. It is also the game’s biggest cinematic yet. The new season introduces another remixed map, a new weapon crafting system, and even more for players to discover.

Fortnite recently started adding third-party franchise skins after the Thanos event in 2018. Last season players could buy skins from franchises like Halo, God of War, several Marvel characters, and much more. Many thought that with Marvel’s inclusion in the game, that DC Comics would be joining the game in a more significant way than in the past. At the very least, the new Battle Pass trailer confirms that more DC heroes are sure to arrive with Raven joining the game.

Showcased on Epic Games website, players can earn Lara Croft's skins from Tomb Raider, Raven from Teen Titans, and an upcoming Neymar Jr. skin through the Battle Pass. In addition to the base skins, each of them reflects other versions of both Croft and Raven. Raven’s base outfit is her most current rendition in the DC Rebirth series. Her two styles are her more traditional outfit, and live-action Titans outfit from the DC Universe show. Croft’s base skin is based on the reboot trilogy from Crystal Dynamics, while her styles are based on her original outfit, her second style looks like she jumped straight out of her debut game on the original PlayStation from 1996.

While Lara Croft is obtainable early in the Battle Pass at level 15, Raven is not available until level 77. However, legendary FIFA star Neymar Jr. is not available for download at the time of this writing, and no glimpses of his skins are viewable yet either. Another interesting bit of information is that Raven’s gear is marked as a part of the DC Series as well as the Teen Titans Set, confirming more DC skins are coming based on DC’s beloved band of teenage heroes.

This season’s Battle Pass seems to have more of what fans loved about Season 5 collaborations between franchises and bringing in their characters. It also seems that Epic dialled back the more original characters coming from Fortnite a bit to make way for more of these franchises. Regardless, expect even more special skins and events to happen during the season before it ends June 7.

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