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Foxconn: in five years, electric vehicles will be able to travel up to 900 km without recharging


The alliance around the MIH open platform for the production of electric vehicles was created and is developing with the direct participation of Foxconn, the largest contract manufacturer of electronic devices, which has become cramped in the smartphone segment. According to MIH management, by the middle of this decade, electric vehicles will become more attractive to purchase than cars with internal combustion engines.

It is not surprising that MIH representatives share this point of view with the leadership of Fisker , because Foxconn will become a contract manufacturer of the electric vehicles of the same name. In an interview with DigiTimes, MIH CEO Jack Cheng explained that the attractiveness of electric vehicles will increase significantly once they can travel up to 700-800 km on a single charge. He's not sure if this will happen exactly in 2025, but such a turning point will certainly come in the current decade.

The density of electric energy storage in modern traction batteries annually increases by 8-10%. The figure will increase significantly after batteries with solid-state electrolyte appear on the market. Now electric cars of the upper price range are able to travel 400-500 km without recharging, after 2025 this parameter will increase to 900 km.

At the same time, the vehicle market is facing big changes. New players will challenge the automotive giants, companies from the information technology sector such as Amazon and Microsoft, or representatives of the fashion industry will try their hand. Jack Chen sees no barriers to trying out the pen in the electric car segment for fashion brands like Armani. He also claims that Xiaomi and Oppo will definitely make their own electric vehicles. Naturally, the presence of contract manufacturers of the Foxconn scale on the market will open the door to this segment for many. By the middle of the decade, let us remind you that this company intends to control at least 10% of the market for relevant services.

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