Google files a lawsuit against the Russian supervisory authority


The Moscow court said that it has started looking into a lawsuit filed by Google against the Russian Supervisory Authority (Ruscom Nadzor). And this after the Russian body demanded from Google to block 12 links related to the illegal content on YouTube, which called for participation in illegal demonstrations last January.

The Russian Kommersant newspaper reported that the Moscow court began on May 11 to hear a lawsuit filed by Google LLC on April 23 against the Russian Ruscom Nadzor organization. The head of Vegas Lex, a law firm, Kirill Nikitin, said that Google LLC had not previously filed lawsuits to challenge decisions taken by the Russian Russcom Nadzor body and was playing the role of the defendant only.

A spokesperson for the Russian Rosscom Nadzor organization stated that the authority informed Google about imposing a limit on the access of media materials that included calls for teenagers to participate in illegal demonstrations last January. It is noteworthy that Google pledged on April 16th to block all illegal content. However, a few days later, the Russian Authority reported new violations committed by Google and imposed new fines on it by 20 million rubles (about 290 thousand dollars).


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