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Google is working on the Trash Bin feature to delete files on Android 12


Recent reports revealed that Google is working on a feature called Trash Bin to delete files on Android 12, and according to XDA Developers, the icon found indicates that Google may display the recycle bin / hidden trash feature in Android in the storage settings.

Last year, Google introduced Android 11, which imposed major changes to the way in which applications can access the device's storage space, the report said, adding that these changes, which Google calls Scoped Storage, significantly reduce the amount of access. To the storage space that the app can get by default.

While some applications such as file managers can request broad access to device storage space, other applications must use alternative APIs to add, open, edit, or delete files on the volume. One of the APIs is called the MediaStore API and it provides access to Popular media files such as audio, videos, and photos, according to the report.

MediaStore has been around for a while now, but Google added a new feature to the API with Android 11 - Trash and apps that use the MediaStore API can send a file to the trash instead of deleting it to give users a chance to restore the file later.

The report stated that most desktop operating systems have a similar feature, but Android 11 itself does not provide a recycle bin or a system-wide trash folder that lists all files that have been deleted in the trash. Instead, applications that have access can to deleted files or that require user approval to display items from the hidden recycle bin, we have discovered evidence that the Files by Google app is preparing to add such a feature.


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