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Google Pixel phones now take screenshots instantly

Credits: 9 to 5 Google
Credits: 9 to 5 Google

Google has quietly made Pixel phones take a screenshot instantly. After installing the December security patch and Feature Drop on Pixel smartphones, you’ll notice the first time you take a screenshot that the process is almost completely instant. Notably, Google has always followed the original Android screenshot method on Pixels using a long-press of both the power and volume down buttons. The same button combo is still being used, but now it’s quite literally instant.

A quick tap of the two buttons now takes a screenshot in what feels like milliseconds. While it will most certainly result in some accidental shots, it’s a much smoother process that may also result in fewer missed moments when trying to capture a specific moment. That would be fine given Android shows a notification with a handy delete button when notifications are taken, but Google has decided to remove that notification with Android 11’s new pop-up UI.

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