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Google supports the Google Photos application with the closed folders feature to protect photos


Google announced at Google I / O 2021 the new closed folders feature that will support Google Photos users in protecting a group of photos more effectively.

The Locked Folder feature supports users in the Google Photos application to block a number of photos in the application, as these pictures do not appear in other applications or in the photo gallery, and these photos can also be protected with a password.

And Google indicated in the presentation of the new feature today, that the "Locked Folder" feature will support parents in hiding pictures out of children's view, or blocking pictures that the user does not want to share with others.

Also, this feature is scheduled to provide support for users when passing the personal phone to others to browse some pictures, as the Locked Folder feature closes private pictures away from the pictures that can be shared.

Google has confirmed in the activities of the event that was held today that the new feature will be available on the Google Photos application in Pixel phones at the beginning, and then proceed to more devices later.

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