Here is how to activate the FaceTime app on Android devices


Apple announced the availability of its application for video calls called Facetime for use by users of Android devices in a move that was surprising to the world. This application was exclusive of Apple in the past, and it was available only on devices running its famous operating system, but it made it available for Android devices in its latest system update, iOS 15.

The big advantage of the Facetime application is the cross-platform calls, where a link to the application can be created and shared with others, which makes the owners of “Android” phones able to make calls via Facetime. This link can be used across Android devices and Windows desktop computers, which will expand the service for the first time in its history.

SharePlay allows users to share media within a FaceTime call, including shows, movies, and music from various service providers.

How does FaceTime work on Android?

Apple did not develop a special application to release FaceTime for an Android version but made it available through a web application that can be accessed via a special invitation link sent from iPhone devices only. The invitation can be sent through the application directly, and after you run it on the iPhone, click on the send invitation link, and you can add any name you want to your conversation to be more clear.

After that, send the invitation link via any social media, and when the link reaches the Android user, he registers his name, and then the application is used as if he owns an iPhone. Apple launched FaceTime in 2010, and it was one of the first and most powerful video conferencing apps at the time.

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