How did Epic Games protracted trial against Apple end?

Most of the App Store's revenue comes from users playing mobile games. This information was revealed in the Epic Games v. Apple court ruling released last week.

This court hearing ended with the following conclusion: Epic was unable to prove that Apple was a monopoly, but it got Apple to allow the publication of links to third-party payment systems in applications.

According to the decree, gaming applications account for about 70% of all App Store revenues. It also became known that less than 10% of the users of the app store come from this 70% of the income. Plus, over 80% of all users don't spend money in the store at all, and 80% of all apps on the App Store are free.

Apple has received a 30% commission on in-app purchases distributed through the App Store over the years. Developers argued that Apple's app store rules were unfair to small businesses; and last year, the California tech giant cut commissions to 15% for apps with annual sales of less than $ 1 million.

Apple itself does not disclose how much revenue the App Store brings to it. Sales in app stores last year totaled about $ 64 billion, according to CNBC analysis.


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