How do we benefit from the phone for many years in different ways?

People used to use smartphones for a few years and then abandon them and use newer devices, so what are the best ways to take advantage of these devices for the longest possible time?

The technical expert and analyst at the Mobile Research Group, Eldar Mortazin, said, the shelf life of modern smartphones is usually about five years, and this period depends on the support of the device manufacturer with software. required to perform the required purpose, but this device can serve us for multiple purposes and for much longer periods, and this period may reach 20 or 30 years. If the user decides to abandon his old phone, he can use it as a home surveillance camera after connecting it to the Internet, or even as a camera to monitor children at home. Using the phone for these purposes enables its owner to use it for many years and does not require that the device is of very high technical specifications, but with the same, It is time for us to remember that the failure of the device if it is used for other than the basic purposes for which it is intended will not be the responsibility of the manufacturer.

Some experts indicate that smartphone owners can take advantage of these devices in several ways as well if they decide to replace them with newer devices. The old phone can be used as a GPS tool in the car, for example, or even as a small portable TV, or as a remote control tool for devices TV, and other electronics.

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