How to add AirPods to your iCloud account easily?


Apple AirPods wireless earbuds are one of the most important everyday tools that you use, as you can use them with all your Apple devices, however, they are considered somewhat expensive, and for that, it is important for you to make sure Connect them to your iCloud account to easily find them when lost, as well as switch between devices without having to pair them every time.

How to add AirPods to iCloud:

It is really easy to add the speakers to your iCloud account, in fact, it is very easy, when you pair them with any device that is logged in to your iCloud account, they have added to your iCloud account automatically as well.

This means that you cannot manually add them to your iCloud account. Once you link your AirPods to your iCloud account, you can switch between Apple devices quickly, without re-pairing them, as long as these devices are also logged into the same iCloud account.

How to switch between iCloud devices:

Once you move your AirPods near a different device and start using it, this will automatically transfer the Bluetooth connection to this device, knowing that this feature is only available for iPhone users running iOS 14 or later, and Mac users that Running on the macOS Big Sur version.


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