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How to clean your WhatsApp to prevent it from stopping working?


WhatsApp is one of the most popular social networks worldwide since this application allows us to be in instant communication with our friends and family. In turn, with the app, you can solve school and work issues, which is why it exceeds two billion downloads, according to the official site of the application. Also, it constantly offers more tools and functions that optimize its operation.

However, sometimes sharing, sending, and receiving various multimedia files can affect the operation of the app. We tell you how to clean your WhatsApp to prevent it from stopping working because your storage space is too saturated or has some problem.

Through this social network, we manage to save images, videos, photographs, documents, and various multimedia files, which may at first be necessary or useful, but which with the passage of time are only stored in memory, which if it becomes saturated causes that the app stops working correctly.

If you are one of the people who most of the time get ads that memory is about to saturate or you already have too many files stored on your cell phone, then it is necessary to clean the device of all those elements that will only affect its operation. Here we give you the step by steps that you must follow.

How to clean WhatsApp on iOS?

  • Open the instant messaging application and click on "Settings".

  • Select the "Storage and data" option.

  • Then choose "Manage Storage".

  • The option to delete files larger than 5 MB or from each conversation will be displayed. So choose the elements of a chat or those that are heavier and delete them.

  • After cleaning the iPhone, the free space capacity and the one in use will appear at the top.

How to clean WhatsApp on Android?

Access WhatsApp.

Select the three points that are in the upper left and click on "Settings".

Then choose "Storage and data", and then "Manage storage".

Touch the section from which you want to delete the files, you can choose between: Forwarded many times, more than 5 MB, or a special chat. You can also sort the items by newest, oldest, or largest.

Then choose each file individually or select several to remove them from WhatsApp storage.

Low storage space alert on WhatsApp

As advertised by the app on its website, if the amount of available storage on your phone drops to very low levels, the app may not function properly.

That is why it is recommended that if you use this app a lot, you clean it once a month, to avoid saturating your storage space.

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