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How to create your own stickers on Telegram?


The Telegram communication application allows you to download and use your own stickers in conversations. You can create sticker packs and show them however you want. Here we monitor the steps for you to create stickers and use them in Telegram conversations.

How to create Telegram stickers?

Before you can create Telegram stickers, you'll need an image editing program that lets you create PNG files with transparent backgrounds.

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular photo editing program, and you can search online for a free alternative. There are a few rules that you should keep in mind when designing Telegram stickers:

  • Telegram stickers must be PNG files with transparent background.

  • Telegram stickers cannot contain copyrighted material such as images or quotes from popular media.

The process for creating a transparent background for your poster varies depending on the program you are using, but in general, you will need a transparent background.

Once you have added the alpha channel of the transparent background, whatever you erase or delete in that layer will become transparent, and with this, you can edit the image to your liking and save it as a PNG file once done.

Just remember, once you create and publish a batch of stickers, the stickers are available to everyone on Telegram, so if there's anything in your stickers that you don't want strangers to see, don't share it.


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