How to customize the WhatsApp icon


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications, despite the fact that many users decided to give other applications a chance after changes in their privacy policies. The applications are constantly evolving and frequently make updates in which they include new functionalities. Although the application does not yet include the function to customize its icon, you can use this trick to change it, we will tell you how.

Use a launcher for your Android

Smartphone users are increasingly demanding the power to fully customize the screens of their devices. And for this, in the application store, you can find applications such as Nova Launcher, a system launcher that allows you to change the appearance of your phones. With these visual managers, we manage to give you a renewed and totally personalized image. At the moment this trick is only available on Android mobiles since due to Apple restrictions we cannot access this type of application for iOS. So to start the first thing will be to update the application to the latest version, and download Nova Launcher. You can create your own icons from an image in your gallery with applications like X Icon Changer also available for download from the Google application store. Once you have created your own icons you can use Nova Launcher to place them.

  • To do this, open the application on your mobile phone.

  • Look for the WhatsApp icon and hold down the icon until a floating window appears in which we select " Edit "

  • Select the icon you want to replace the original application logo with and press accept to finish.

  • In this way, we are able to give our phone a more personalized look according to our preferences.

  • This type of change does not affect the operation of the application, the rest of the users will not be aware that we have modified the icon.

The use of these apps is widespread because, in addition to customizing the icons, it allows us to give our mobile a different look by changing the way the icons are displayed on the main screen. We can also change the way to access the application drawer. Above all, they are very useful when we have become accustomed to using a customization layer from a certain manufacturer. If we change mobile, the personalization layer also changes and in many cases the way we have to access both the application drawer and the open applications. In this way, by changing the system launcher, we can configure it and change it to be able to use it in the same way we are used to.

These applications are safe, as they do not interfere with the normal use of both the mobile and the installed applications. Although depending on the theme we use, if it is very heavy or with many animations, it may slow down the operation somewhat, but it is not usually the usual thing. These as a general rule focus more on the merely aesthetic changes of the systems such as the shape, color, and representation of the icons or their placement and use within the screen.

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