How to disinfect your iPhone?


Apple has made an important update to its recommendations and instructions for cleaning iPhone devices, in a support page titled “How to Clean Your Apple Products.” The company asked users not to use products that contain bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

According to a report in Cult of Mac, Apple added hydrogen peroxide to the list of chemicals that users need to avoid, as the previously mentioned warning was only bleach, and Apple announced that iPhone users could use disinfectant wipes on their devices in March 2020, exactly when the Covid-19 pandemic began in worldwide.

Is it okay to use disinfectants on your Apple device: Here's what the company says?

The company specifically answers whether users should use disinfectant on their Apple device on its support page, "Using 70 percent isopropyl alcohol, 75 percent ethyl alcohol wipes, or disinfectant wipes, you can wipe the hard, non-porous surfaces of your Apple product." furniture, such as the monitor, keyboard, or other external surfaces, and do not use products containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide.”

The use of sprays and abrasives is very large from the company, and Apple also adds that users should avoid getting moisture in any opening, and the company warns users against immersing their Apple product in any cleaning agents, and users are always asked to unplug the iPhone before cleaning it to avoid Shock.

As for the cleaning material for your phone, Apple wants you to use a soft cloth instead of a paper towel because the latter can be abrasive to rub your iPhone, also, never spray cleaners directly on your Apple device, always put it on a cloth or cloth towel before applying it on your device.

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