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How to download YouTube videos on Windows or Mac?

It's not unusual to want to download a YouTube video, in order to access the file when you do not have an internet connection, for example when traveling or struggling for a strong internet connection.

YouTube's terms of services state that content should not be downloaded unless done via the platform directly. To do this, the only way to do so is to pay 11.99 dollars per month for YouTube Premium, which allows you to do so.

Then, on any platform, you can simply click on the 'Download' button which shows on the page of any video and it will automatically be stored on your device.

There are alternative means, though, to download YouTube videos without paying for the subscription, as explained below.

Download YouTube videos on Windows

4K Video Downloader is the leading choice for downloading YouTube videos, with free usage for up to 30 downloads a day and the option to record entire playlists. Simply install the program, copy and paste the URL into the menu and then click 'Download' after selecting what kind of file you would like.

Alternatively, a popular tool is VLC Media Player, a free program that you should download and install. Once that is complete, copy the URL of the video to your clipboard and select 'Media' and 'Select Open Network Stream', where you can then paste the URL and click play.

Once playing, head to 'Tools', select 'Codec Information' and copy the URL from the location box and paste it into a browser, where you can right-click and save the video as an MP4 file.

Download YouTube videos on Mac

The best option for Mac users is to use the same 4K Video Downloader as explained above.

Mac also offers a simple way of doing so with the built-in screen capture tool by pressing 'Command', 'Shift', and '5' and then selecting a window or the entire screen.

This option does not offer as much quality as other alternatives but does provide a quick and easy way to download a vid

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