How to find new friends on the Discord gaming platform?


Discord has become one of the best places for video game players to gather and communicate online, and it's rapidly growing, a free social networking program designed specifically for the gaming community, also featuring communities of other interests.

It provides text, video, and voice communications between users in a chat channel. Discord works on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Android, Linux, and iPhone (ios), as well as in web browsers. So if you're not a gamer and looking for a place where you can meet new friends and find people to talk to on Discord.

Discord doesn't hide the fact that it started as a gamer's voice chat app, game icons and memes have been integrated into Discord since its launch. However, Discord has recently pushed beyond its gamer-friendly beginnings, and the primary driver for this is that as COVID forces all users to social distancing and connect via whatever video chat platforms we can get hold of, Discord wants to appeal to some of the non-gaming Zoom audience.

Discord usefully divides servers into different categories, including games, movies, TV, education, music, and more. You can also search for specific types of servers using the search bar. And many of the biggest Discord servers are connected to games in some way, so don't be put off if the most popular results in your search focus on games. Keep digging deeper and you'll find some less populated but no less active servers hidden away.

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