How to send a WhatsApp message without the legend 'Forwarded' appearing


Since 2018 the instant messaging application WhatsApp notifies its users when a message has been forwarded, this is a way of trying to fight against SPAM and 'fakes news'.

This feature improved during 2019, as it also warns if a message had been forwarded many times and thus avoids the virtualization of false messages.

So after this brief explanation, it is clear to us that all the messages that we forward to our contacts will have the legend 'Forwarded' or 'Forwarded many times'.

However, there is another method to forward a message on WhatsApp that does not allow these two captions to appear.

So you can forward images, videos, audios, and files without the word 'Forwarded'

When you receive a message with an image, video, audio, or file, you should not use the 'Forward' action but the 'Share' option and in this, you must choose WhatsApp and the contacts or contacts to send that message again.

A great advantage of the 'Share' option is that you can edit before sending the image or video and you can also add a comment in the same message.

For text messages and links, the 'Share' option will not appear, only the 'Forward' and 'Copy' options, so you must use the latter option.

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