How to send your photo cartoon version by WhatsApp


Some applications help you to become a caricature or cartoon and, the best thing is that you can share your image on WhatsApp, we tell you how to do it

Due to the importance of staying in constant communication with family, friends, and even now due to work situations, instant messaging apps like WhatsApp have gained a lot of ground within the global public and, of course, in Mexico. In that sense, the fact of receiving a message, images, documents, or videos in a matter of seconds makes it ideal for the immediacy of daily life.

Even for situations that are not emergency or necessarily important, WhatsApp has become an app of constant use, for this reason, today at we present you how to send your photo cartoon or caricature version through this app.

It all starts with a unique application that has become popular in recent days, focused on creating new images or starting from existing ones, turning them into a very fun result worth sharing in digital space.

Voilà AI Artist Editor is defined by its own creators as a fun application that combines human creativity with artificial intelligence to turn your photos into funny cartoons and impressive masterpieces.

And in short, it has the ability to turn the photos entered into the app into impressive works of art or Pixar-inspired cartoons, Renaissance paintings, and even hand-drawn caricatures.

How to send animated photos by WhatsApp?

After having downloaded and accepted the corresponding permissions so that the app can use both the cell phone camera and the images or photographs stored in it, you can choose the type of effect or animation you want.

There are 4 possibilities: Renaissance, that is, Renaissance, which allows you to create an effect of how a person would look like a painting. The Caricature effect, which, as its name implies, allows you to transform your own images into funny cartoons.

On the other hand, there is a 3D Cartoon that allows you to transform photos into animated characters from 3D movies. In the same way, 2D Cartoon turns your image into a classic animated cartoon character.

Following the steps to be able to share these incredible images through WhatsApp, you only have to choose one of the 4 possibilities offered by the Voilà AI Artist Editor, then upload the desired photo either from a gallery or camera.

There is even a section where there are photos of celebrities, which can also be used for these fun purposes. Once the image is uploaded, a bar will appear indicating that the photo is being modified, it is a matter of waiting a few seconds and it will show the results.

There are 3 possibilities to choose from for each category of the aforementioned, to share through WhatsApp or any other application you must press the icon of a white arrow that has an upward direction, this is located in the upper corner of the right side .

There, the options where you want to share will be displayed, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, among others, there is also the possibility of saving the design in the section that says "save" to be able to share it manually, that is, by entering directly to the chat or desired application and send it.

When it is sent in WhatsApp, a small list of contacts or chats with which there has been interaction recently will be displayed, you can select to send to any of them or if the desired person does not appear, use the function to save the photo and send it opening the messaging app.

Finally, it only remains to add that Voilà AI Artist Editor can be found in the app store for Android or IOS devices, it has no cost to download it.

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