How to use the automatic captions feature in TikTok?


TikTok introduced the Auto Captions feature, as it aims to make the popular video sharing application accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. If you are the creator of TikTok clips and want to turn on automatic captions, doing so is easy.

  • After creating a new video or uploading a previously created clip, tap the checkmark to enable edit mode.

  • On the edit page, click on the Captions option on the right side of the screen to enable captions.

  • TikTok will create captions for the words spoken in your video and display them below a smaller version of the video for review purposes, check to make sure the words are correct, if so, you can go ahead and hit save, if not, see the section below about editing captions illustrations.

  • On the next page, tap Publish to publish the video with captions enabled.

Note that the captioning process may take a few minutes depending on the length of your video, and in addition, only the spoken words will be captioned.

How to Edit Captions on TikTok Videos?

You can edit the automatic captions from the page described in the third step in the above section.

  • From the Caption View page, tap the edit button, which looks like a small line with a pencil hovering over it to the right of the header of the caption, or tap an individual line of captions.

  • Fix any misspellings, incorrect words, or separate lines that seem too long, then click Save.

  • Click Save when you are satisfied with what the captions look like, and continue to click Publish to publish the video.

How to turn off auto-captions on a TikTok video?

While many people find comments useful or necessary when watching TikTok videos, not everyone likes or needs this feature, and if you prefer to enjoy content without automatic captions, you can disable it.

  • When watching a TikTok video, tap on one of the captions while it appears on the screen.

  • A small bubble will appear above or below the caption, tap Hide Comments, and the captions will then disappear behind a small text box.

  • You can re-enable automatic captions by clicking on the small video text box that indicates the availability of captions.


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