In WhatsApp, what are the steps to transform audios into text


The WhatsApp application is one of the most used on Android and iOS. Through different tools it allows us to share messages, photos, and other elements. It is true that the developers add new material with each update, but there are basic things that the company already implements to its services and WhatsApp continues to test in the Beta version until God knows when. Luckily, there is an option if you are looking for some extra help in what the instant messaging service offers you.

If you are in college and for some reason, you have to do an interview, or you have to make an important report at work, an automatic system to transcribe the voice note on WhatsApp is always a good idea. The developer Mirko Dimatino thought about this situation and shared a very useful tool for those circumstances on Google Play, the virtual store of the Android operating system.

The application is called Transcriber for WhatsApp. The download is free and has no time limits. Have you ever been receiving voice messages from WhatsApp and couldn't listen at the time? Now you can convert them to text and know in time what your friends are communicating, even when the situation does not allow it, reads the official description of the service.

Transcriber test for WhatsApp

Keep in mind that Transcriber for WhatsApp is under development, so there is a risk that it will be unstable. for some users. Its size is 3.6 MB and requires Android 5.0 and later versions. While the download is free, there are paid services in the system.

In case you need to transcribe audio from WhatsApp and the application cannot help you, you can opt for the services available on the Internet. Dictaction, Text from speech, and Speechnotes are the most useful.

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