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Incognito mode in Google Chrome puts you at risk of being hacked

Many people use the incognito mode in Google Chrome, thinking that this mode can protect your personal data and your computer, but the incognito mode exposes you to many dangers on the Internet and maybe a reason to hack your computer.

Data are hidden by the incognito mode in Google Chrome. Incognito mode prevents your browser from storing some data about you, such as cookies or login data.

Also, the sites you visit in incognito mode do not appear in the history of your visits to sites, so this mode helps you to hide your visit to different sites through it.

This situation is also hidden in all your browsing data for this site from the advertising companies and their servers, so you can search for a specific product and not see many ads about it later.

Data that hidden mode does not hide

Incognito mode focuses on hiding your browsing data and history only on your computer, so anyone using a monitoring app can access your browsing data. By monitoring your device's Internet connection instead of monitoring your computer, anyone with access to the same Internet can.

Your internet provider can also easily access all your browsing data, which means that hackers are also able to access this data. If you log in to a site through your main account, everything you do through the account is recorded within the site and in Google's databases.


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