Instagram makes it difficult to share content


Facebook-owned Instagram is testing a new feature that will make it difficult for users to share content, and with this new feature, the social networking platform aims to prevent you from spamming your friends.

The company is testing a "reshare" or "reshare" sticker that can be placed on Stories, and the report adds that with this new feature, Instagram wants to make posts more "intentional" and "thoughtful". The company is also reducing the number of "spam" in stories.

Instagram feels that hitting the Share button on posts is too easy and that the company wants to add an extra step to the process. They save or post it, which they can then share to their story, and they can insert IGTV, reels, and video content.”

Earlier, if you wanted to share a summary post of your story, you had to do it manually from the post itself. This new test will replace this functionality and will require you to stay away from the post by creating a new mode. An online report revealed last month that Instagram has started a new test that will allow users to add links to their Instagram Stories.

Links in Instagram Stories will work in a different way, and links will not appear with the "swipe up" option, and instead will appear as a link sticker in the story, therefore, users will have to click on the link to follow the link, and the report adds that people will also be able to Reply to these Stories comes with a link sticker, which is not currently allowed.

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