Learn the truth about the clubhouse application data leak


Once again, the social networking application ClubHouse raises controversy on the social networking arenas and search engines, this happened after shocking allegations of leaks of phone numbers of the application's users and their acquaintances without any official comment from the company.

The controversy began when Swiss technology expert Mark Reeve posted a tweet containing an image of a page taken from the dark web.

Shocking number and secret auction

The image contained a message in which an anonymous person announces the sale of leaked data from (Club House) to more than 3.8 billion phone numbers of users of the application and their contact numbers.

Anonymous explains that each phone number will be accompanied by another number that indicates the extent of its circulation, which may express how famous the owner of the number is.

The author of the letter also announced that he will organize a closed auction to sell the numbers to the highest price on the fourth of September 2021, which coincides with the passage of 23 years since the registration of the search engine company Google.

Denounce and doubt the truth of the leaks

On the other hand, some digital security experts and activists tweeted skepticism about the truth of these leaks.

Rajshakar Rajhariya says, the hacker claims to be selling a list of 3.8 billion phone numbers of Clubhouse data, which looks completely fake, there are only mobile numbers without name and photos, phone lists like this can be faked very easily, personally identifiable information is not available.

Where is Club House in all of this?

Some digital activists circulated what they described as a statement from Club House denying any leakage of user numbers, but these posts did not contain any source for this statement.

Also, although some media outlets reported that company officials denied allegations of user numbers being leaked, so far, no official statement has been issued by the application or the company behind the application, Alpha Execution regarding this claim.

Nor did the app's founders, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, post any comment regarding the allegations as they did before when the app faced similar allegations.

Concerns on the Arab social media

The hashtag #clubhouse and our_data are leaking quickly on Arab social media platforms. Abdullah Al-Saba warned against giving applications access to the numbers registered on the phone. While some of the tweeters questioned the feasibility of leaking the numbers without identity.

Previous allegations

On April 11, 2021, Club House faced similar allegations when some reports surfaced that the data of 1.3 million users of the application had been leaked. The official account of the application published a tweet that denied these allegations and confirmed that those data that some claimed had been leaked were originally public information that anyone could access.

It is worth noting that the claim of the new leak came three days after the application released its full version and opened it to all users of different operating systems without an invitation or a queue.

Is there anything to worry about?

So far, there is no evidence of this leak except for this anonymous message. None of the sites specialized in recording intrusions, such as the Firefox Monitor site or Half Any Pin Bond, have documented this leak.

But it is always advised to follow the digital protection and privacy measures, and it is advised to take care of personal data and review the influence of applications on it.

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