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LG present the only OLED movie theater in the world


If you are a lover of cinema and technology, it is worth visiting the first OLED movie theater in the world that has been inaugurated at the National Cinemas in Mexico City and is one of a kind.

It is not a room with a screen and a speaker, but it is a movie theater in isoptic form, with high audio and video quality. In addition to having content curated by the Cineteca Nacional, which will allow you to enjoy the best of cinema, said Daniel Aguilar, director of corporate communication at LG Electronics Mexico.

According to the executive, two years ago the Korean firm knocked on the doors of the National Cinema to begin construction of this project. However, due to pandemic issues, they delayed its opening, until June 9, when they decided to open it to the public for free.

We approached the National Cinematheque to sign an agreement to create the world's first OLED movie theater, with the intention of bringing the best technology that exists in television called OLED, which is synonymous with LG, to the people who like culture, art, and entertainment said, Daniel Aguilar.

Located next to the main entrance of the National Cinematheque, the OLED movie theater is located outdoors surrounded by glass and with a capacity to accommodate 24 people, who will enjoy the highest quality audiovisual content, characteristic of the Cineteca National.

In addition, he commented that this project that LG started with the help of the National Cinemas, will be a space that will open the doors to new film projects in our country.

For the most part, much preference will be given to the Mexican content of short films by filmmakers from festivals, from schools, this will be a window for creators of quality Mexican cinema, who lack a lack of space to exhibit their film projects.

At the opening of the OLED movie theater, the International Short Film Festival of Mexico will be screened, premiering the following program: La Llorona (Mexico-Netherlands, 2019), Nahjum (Mexico, 2019), Wheels, Grandma's Pie ( Mexico-China, 2021), Carroña (Mexico, 2019) and Cascarita (Mexico-Canada, 2019).

The theater OLED was designed by audiovisual engineers in a glass room that features a TV LG OLED Evo, accompanied by a soundbar LG SN11RG with Dolby Atmos, ensuring visitors a sense of professional cinematic viewing.

The OLED movie theater follows the line of architecture that the National Cinematheque had in its recent remodeling, first several analyzes were made so that the architecture of the theater did not break with its architectural design.

In the center of the room is the 77-inch LG OLED Evo screen, which according to LG, is its line of OLED televisions for 2021, a screen that has a new OLED Evo panel that offers more brightness. In fact, the company said, it sets a new standard with incredible perfect blacks as well as its stunning colors now with up to 20% brighter for a sharper, more radiant image.

For its part, the Cineteca Nacional pointed out that this OLED movie theater is an opportunity to continue reinforcing its commitment to offering the best cinematographic content to its visitors.

The LG OLED room is a sample of the best audiovisual quality which will contribute to our objective of disseminating international film culture in an optimal way, he said through a statement.

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