Microsoft has made significant improvements to the Windows 11 keyboard

According to the source, in Windows 11, Microsoft has significantly improved the on-screen keyboard. Now, users with a Windows touchscreen environment will find it easier to invoke and easier to customize to suit their own preferences.

Firstly, in the settings of the taskbar, it is now possible to display the virtual keyboard icon on it and it will be present all the time.

You no longer need to do a lot of unnecessary actions to launch the on-screen keyboard: when you click on the icon in the taskbar, it will immediately appear on the display.

Secondly, users can now change the size of the virtual keys. This is very important, since everyone's fingers are different, and it is not always convenient to hit the virtual keys of a standard size. Finally, in Windows 11, you can apply a variety of themes to the virtual keyboard and thus customize it to suit your visual preferences.

According to

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