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Microsoft Is Making It Easier to Transfer Files From Outlook to Teams With Drag and Drop

A Microsoft Teams administrator replied on the 2016 thread, confirming that users can now drag and drop attachments directly from Outlook to Teams. Until now, users had to first drag the files onto a location like the desktop, and drag them from there to the files tab in Teams.

The feature had started working in the Web client version of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome in February last year when it was also marked as ‘partially done. By October, the Microsoft Teams administrator had said that the feature was available on the Teams Web client and was being tested directly from Outlook to Teams.

The forum post or ‘idea' has received 11,571 up-votes since it was brought up in 2016.

Besides that, the administrator has also shared that the ability of Microsoft Teams users on the free version to use Calendar was being tested internally. This feature would allow users to schedule conference calling using the calendar. This request was brought up in the forum in August 2018.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is increasing the upload file size limit of Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint to 250GB. While support for the same will start rolling out by the end of this month, general availability can be expected by the end of Q1 2021. Users will be able to share large files that may contain 8K or 4K videos, 3D models, large scientific dataset, research projects, and more.

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