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Microsoft officially confirms to stop developing Windows 10X

The software giant, Microsoft, in official statements recently confirmed the cancellation of the company's plans to develop Windows 10X.

Some previous reports indicated Microsoft's plans to stop developing the Windows 10X operating system with the aim of focusing on adding improvements and developing the company's Windows 10 platform, and the software giant has officially confirmed in recent statements that it is canceling the Windows 10X development project.

Microsoft had moved to develop Windows 10X from the beginning to support dual-screen devices with a light and smooth operating system for the company's main system, and then in 2021, Microsoft moved to develop the system to compete with Chrome OS devices with a system that supports educational devices.

Microsoft plans to bring the best features of Windows 10X in updates to Windows 10, as the software giant has already provided container technology for applications, and better support for the voice typing feature, with an update of the keyboard based on the touch feature.

It is expected that Microsoft will continue to bring Windows 10X technology and features in updates to the Windows 10 operating system, with the largest and most prominent update to be launched during the month of October of this year.

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