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Most anticipated Xbox games


The Xbox game library is more diverse than ever, and this is due to the ongoing acquisitions by Microsoft. Microsoft recently acquired Bethesda studios to produce games, and this means that we may soon see exclusive games for the Xbox platform. Although the Xbox platform provides better digital services such as the premium Gamepass subscription, the Sony PlayStation 5 has a set of exclusive games that put it ahead of the competition.

Bright Memory: Infinite

Coming from a Chinese developer named FYQD, this game is a first-person shooter game. The game takes place in a futuristic world where the planet Earth is under a fierce attack that threatens life on its surface. The game is expected to be released this year on PC and Xbox.

The Ascent

This game is about an evolutionary industrial world of CyberPunk, developed by an independent game studio called Neon Giant. The game will be released exclusively on Microsoft's previous and current generation consoles, as well as PC later this year. The story of the game revolves around a worker in a group of companies that controls the world called The Ascent. And you must be able to survive in this world after the collapse of the company. The game belongs to the Action RPG genre.

Halo Infinite

This game was supposed to be released with the launch of the new Xbox Series X from Microsoft, but it suffered from some delays. The game revolves around the return of the hero Master Chief to the world after his disappearance for 5 years, and this game is supposed to be the first part of the new series. The game is also released on old Microsoft devices and PC as well.

Senua's Saga: Hellblade II

This game is the second part of the previously released Senua Sacrifice series. The first part of the game managed to achieve impressive successes at the commercial and monetary levels, and therefore everyone expects the success of the second part. The release date of this part has not yet been announced, and we have only received a short teaser from it, and it is expected that it will be exclusive to the Xbox platform.


The beloved Fable series is back on Microsoft's Xbox consoles, and it's one of the first games released over the previous generations. There is not much information yet about the game as only one announcement has appeared, but we are expected to learn more about it this year.

The Elder Scrolls 6

This is the sixth installment in the popular The Elder Scroll series, and one of Bethesda's oldest games. There are a lot of rumors about this game, so after Microsoft acquired Bethesda, it is expected that it will be exclusive to Xbox.

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