NASA reveals plans to conquer Venus


NASA has revealed its plans to send two science missions to Venus between 2028 and 2030. This comes to study the atmosphere and geological features of the closest planet to Earth. And when this achievement is crowned with success, the United States will have returned its vehicles for the first time in 30 years to Venus.

NASA said that it decided to allocate approximately $ 500 million to develop each mission, the first of which will be called Da Vinci, which will study the atmosphere, gases, and chemistry, and the second Veritas, which will work on mapping the surface of the planet from orbit to help determine its geological history and the reason for its development differently off the ground.

The mission Da Vinci is expected to return with the first high-quality images of the unique geological features on the planet that can be compared to the components of the Earth and indicate that Venus has plate tectonics, according to the announcement by NASA.


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