Pakistan lifts weeks-long ban on TikTok


The Pakistan Media Regulatory Agency (PMRA) today, Thursday, restored access to the Chinese video service TikTok after a court banned it weeks ago and urged the authorities to ensure that there was no vulgar content.

The Peshawar court issued the ban on March 11 after complaints about the alleged presence of immoral and indecent content on the popular social media application, and the court overturned the previous ruling, today, Thursday, after consulting the media agency.

During the court session, a senior agency official, Tariq Gandapur, said that contact had been made with TikTok to ensure that those sharing obscene content were blocked, and the application, which is owned by the Chinese company Bitdance, was downloaded about 39 million times in Pakistan.

Last year, Pakistan also banned the application of TikTok for 10 days due to the same problem.


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