Russia invents new software to manufacture satellites

The Moscow Institute of Technical Physics announced that its experts are working on developing new software that will be used in the satellite industry, and during the activities of the "Max-2021" International Airshow, a spokesman for the institute said: "Our experts are working in cooperation with their counterparts from the Roskosmos Foundation and technicians The Russian Advanced Research Fund is developing a package of programs that will be used to design new groups of advanced satellites. Using the new programs, each satellite will be selected, and the components from which it will be made, and then different prototypes will be selected for this satellite, and then the work of this satellite will be simulated in space virtually, and remote control options will be tested.

According to the available information, the new programs that the aforementioned institute is working on are still in the development stages, although some of them are currently used to develop the necessary calculations to solve some of the problems and issues necessary for the work of the Russian space agency Roscosmos.

During the "Max-2021" International Airshow, Russia had reviewed its latest developments in the field of space technologies as well and revealed many models of missiles and spacecraft that it is developing.

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