Smartphone users have downloaded the YouTube application 10 billion times


YouTube owned by Google users Android sign 10 billion downloads on the store Google Play. The application of video dramatically broadcast over the past decade with improved global Internet speed, and input devices 4G and increase access to phones Smart/Tablet devices.

As the world's largest and most popular live streaming platform, YouTube was always likely to become the first user-facing proper Android app to access such a download on the Play Store.

And since the app comes pre-installed on almost all devices, it has been marginally supported and could include some activation from behind even before the Play Store even existed, and the company recently rolled out a new tool Super Thanks which will allow users to guide their favorite creators on Platform.

This new creators feature gives another way to make money while allowing them to also strengthen their relationships with viewers, and can now fans who watch YouTube video clips buy Super Thanks to express their gratitude and to show support, and they will see an image GIF animation, and as a reward, they will receive a suspension of distinctive and colorful highlight The purchase process, which creators can respond to.

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