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South Park will expand with a new game, movie, series, and spin-offs

Four years have passed since the last game from the world of South Park, the rather successful superhero parody The Fractured but Whole, and we are finally learning about the development of a new title. He is not in charge of the French company, but of the internal team at South Park Studios. He collaborated on turn-based RPG projects The Fractured But Whole by Ubisoft and The Stick of Truth by Obsidian, as well as with RedLynx and Ubisoft on the mobile game Phone Destroyer from 2017.

The news came first from Bloomberg, which reported the signing of a huge deal between Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Paramount and ViacomCBS worth about $ 900 million. The new agreement will bring a lot of content for the Paramount + streaming service - fans should expect a new film, six new series of series, 14 spin-offs, and a 3D video game. That's a big difference, previous game projects were in 2D style.

"We're doing what we want, and they're quite supportive," Matt Stone said of the current situation with South Park. "In this respect, we are the happiest guys on TV," he added. Parker and Stone finance the film and the game themselves, so they're probably more involved than ever before.

To date, a number of South Park video games have been created. The first was released in 1998 for the Nintendo 64 (1999 for PC and PlayStation) and was developed by Iguana Entertainment and distributed by Acclaim.

Later games included a go-kart racing game called South Park Rally, which was released for PlayStation, PC, Nintendo 64, and Dreamcast.

Reviews of earlier South Park games were often rather mixed, while The Stick of Truth (developed by Obsidian) and The Fractured but Whole (Ubisoft San Francisco) were more compelling and focused on RPG-style turn-based gameplay.

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