Spotify's AI algorithms recognize your taste in music


The Spotify service is characterized by powerful artificial intelligence algorithms, and this makes it able to know your taste in music so that it can recommend new music for you. In addition, it is easy to use and has an application for all smart devices that can be used. This is in addition to a reasonable price for the paid subscription to it, and it is priced according to the region, which makes its price drop in some countries.

The platform has a wide library of local and international music, which is available in high quality, so here is a set of Spotify tricks for you to use in a different and unique way.

Restore Deleted Playlists: You can create playlists via Spotify to collect your favorite music, and you can delete these playlists at any time. But what if you want to go back to one of them? Spotify offers you the feature to recover deleted playlists via its web application. In order to get the lists back, you need to go to the website, not the computer app. Then go to your account menu and after that choose Restore Playlists from the side menu of the application. Then select the list you want to restore and press restore. You can access all playlists from all devices via your account.

Advanced Search: Spotify has a unique smart search feature, and this is because you can search through the service in different innovative ways. You can search on Spotify by the name of the clip or artist, but you can also search by the year the clip was released. In addition to searching by music genre, listeners mood and listeners playlists too. You can find all of the Spotify search commands on this official page.

Hidden music playlists: Spotify shares playlists and the music you listen to by default, but you can hide these if you wish. And you can completely hide your presence on the application through the hidden mode, in addition to that, you can hide a specific playlist. And in order to be able to hide the playlist, click on the three dots mark next to the play button. Then choose Make Secret to make it invisible to users.

Spotify and Shazam Link: Shazam offers unrivaled music recognition, which makes its user base large. And you can connect Spotify and Shazam so you can stream music directly on Spotify. You can link the two applications together through Shazam settings on the phone, and this feature is available for iPhone and Android users alike. Controlling the music quality: Spotify provides the music on it in a higher quality than other music streaming services, but this means that it consumes internet space and takes longer loading time. And you can control the quality of the music from within the service applications, and in order to do so, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Spotify app, then choose Settings, then Music Quality.

  • And then choose the quality of the music via the Streaming Quality menu.

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