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Telegram app offers 3 new features and it surpasses both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger


The competition is increasingly fierce in today's digital world. This also applies to the field of chat applications. We recently announced that Google News will be given new features to catch up with others. Now, however, it is the Telegram application, which will get 3 new functions thanks to the upcoming update. It surpasses even greats such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Thanks to the public beta testing of Telegram, we have a good overview of what awaits us. The first super news will be sharing your phone screen. The use of this function will undoubtedly be wide, whether among your friends or at the corporate level.

Live video also appeared in beta testing. Like the previous tweak, you can start it during a group call.

The last novelty then concerns appearance. It will now be possible to set the so-called gradient chat design. What does this mean in practice? You can select several colors in the Telegram settings, and as the messages in the chat increase, their hue will gradually change.

It is not yet certain when the beta testing of all new features will end, but we can say with certainty that this will be one of the major updates.

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