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Telegram overtook TikTok and became the most popular application among Russians

According to a press release from App Annie, which came to the Kanobu editorial office, the Telegram messenger became the most downloaded application among smartphone users in Russia. In terms of the number of downloads in the second quarter of 2021, it overtook TikTok and Zently. BOOM, VK, and Yandex.Music is the leader in the top apps in terms of revenue. Among the most downloaded games are Fidget Toys 3D, Hair Challenge, and Geometry Dash, while Brawl Stars is the most profitable game.

The Zently service, which entered the top in-demand applications among Russians, has risen 51 points in the top over the past three months. Zently is a map where you can find loved ones and find out what they are doing.

Also, thanks to research by App Annie, it became known that in Russia users began to spend 45% more time on applications than in 2019. This figure is slightly less than the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, but still noticeably exceeds the data of 2019. On average, Russians spend 3.7 hours a day using apps.

App Annie is a mobile data analytics platform that provides application usage statistics.

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