The upcoming Apple Music update will be launched in June with new features at no additional cost


Apple announced its plans to launch two new updates to the Apple Music app during the month of June, through which it provides new features such as high-quality audios, with support for spatial sound, as well as Dolby Atmos technology, to provide these features No additional cost.

New updates will be launched from the Apple Music app, starting from next month, with a library of up to 75 million songs with the highest quality and without a loss in audio quality, with Apple providing 20 million songs with the highest quality initially.

Also, the Apple Music update will support the spatial audio feature in AirPods or Beats headphones that include H1 or W1 chipsets, or devices that come with built-in amplifiers such as iPhones, iPads, and also Macs that feature support for spatial audio technology by default.

Users can also enable the spatial audio feature in the latest version of the Apple Music app through settings and then choose the music tab, including choosing the quality of the audio, and users will also have different options to connect from mobile networks, via Wi-Fi, or download songs.

Also, the audio quality feature comes at a CD-level with a depth of 16 bits, a frequency of 44.1 kHz, or a depth of 24 bits and a frequency of 48 kHz in Apple devices, which reach 24 bits and a frequency of 192 kHz that will require compatible external equipment, which includes a digital USB to analog adapter.


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