This is why Facebook is trying to get close to Apple


The Facebook idea of allowing users to synchronize exercise data sports from the default headphones actually Ookolos Oculus with the application of Health Inc.'s Apple iPhone devices, according to the code that was detected in your application phones for iPhone as the transfer of the Arab site Net.

This feature will allow the user of the Oculus Move workout system to add data - such as the number of calories burned - to the iPhone Health app. The new application from Facebook, which uses the Apple Health platform, will be the latest link between the two tech giants, which have been partners and competitors over the years.

Since its launch in 2014, the Apple Health app has been able to store fitness and exercise data from multiple third-party devices, including smart scales, blood pressure monitors, sleep monitors, and thermometers, as well as external exercise apps. It is also able to collect exercise data from your Apple Watch or directly from your iPhone.

The code was discovered by iOS developer Steve Moser. While the functionality is still in its infancy, Facebook executives have said fitness will be a key component of virtual reality in the future.

Meanwhile, Apple is working on a mixed reality headset early next year and is looking to add health sensors to future AirPods.

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