This is why you don't need to install the iOS 14.6 update on your iPhone now...

Last week, Apple released a new software update for iPhone users, which brought it to iOS 14.6. Although this update is not as important as iOS 14.5, it still brings a number of new features and was released about a month after the previous update.

Since it's been a week since Apple released iOS 14.6, a lot of iPhone users have installed it all over the world, but some of them are now reporting severe battery drain issues since installing the new software update, with users raising the issue on Apple Support Community forums and MacRumors forums, Some of them have even tagged him on Twitter as well.

Perhaps the root cause of this excessive battery drain is not yet known, however, online reports have speculated that the Podcast app consumes a lot of power while some blame the Music app, while the company has not yet acknowledged the battery drain issues caused by the latest software update, But since it affects a large number of iPhone users, we expect to roll out iOS 14.7 or iOS 14.6.1 software update soon with a fix for that.

iOS 14.6 Update Features

This OS update for the iPhone brings new features to the Podcasts app, comes with a new subscription system for the app, and also, this update comes with a new feature for AirTag, spatial audio, Dolby Atmos support, lossless music - all new features will be available to iPhone users with a subscription Apple Music with this software update.

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